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Bombay Brides is taking care of a baby

Hello diligent readers of Bombay Brides,

I’m sure you are puzzling over the long silence on this space and I’m terribly sorry for keeping you all in suspense.

I gave birth to a darling little baby girl last year (2013) and life has been a bunch of exploding firecrackers since Tara came into it. I also returned to work and that has taken as much out of me as the baby.

mother with baby

Wouldn’t change it for anything ^_^

There have been many congratulations sent my way from the readers who had an idea about this major life event, a lot of emails from brides and vendors wishing to feature and a lot of general enquiries as well. I do apologise if I have been slow to answer any of these mails and comments or have missed answering you altogether.

As Tara inches closer to her first birthday, I feel a bit closer to juggling the rest of my life and my other responsibilities – and Bombay Brides is a big priority (I also miss all the wedding talk!).

Please be assured that this blog will return to telling you the most magical wedding stories and bringing you closer to the marvellous brides and brilliant vendors who make the Christian wedding scene in Bombay such an incredible experience.

In the meanwhile, please continue to email me about your requests to feature and send me alerts about anything fun happening this bridal season in Bombay.

Warm regards and happy wedding planning,


The Bombay Bride Community


Header image: Hannah, a bride from South India, photographed by Bhagirathy Samudram Background: DinPattern's Aloha Turkey
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