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One of the things dearest to my heart on Bombay Brides is the Vintage Weddings section I created with the hope of documenting old Indian Christian wedding photos.

Inspired by informative and fascinating depositories of old photos and information on people from the Indian subcontinent like Old Indian Photos, Taj Mahal Foxtrot and  Sepoys & Sepia, the Vintage Weddings section on Bombay Brides is dedicated to solely curating wedding photos and ephemera belonging to Christian couples who married in Bombay in the last century.

Currently, there is no consolidated website on the internet that documents and shares photos like these and none focus on angles like the Indian Christian bridal culture, fashion and customs.

As a student of Ancient Indian Culture, I understand the historical and cultural significance of such photos and information and seek to remedy the lack of it on the internet. As a woman who was once a bride, I would have loved to seek inspiration from old bridal fashions and learned about brides who married long before I was even born and who unknowingly shaped the Christian bridal scene in Bombay.

At Bombay Brides, we invite you to share any photos, memories and information you may have about your parents’, grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ weddings if they married in and around the Bombay area.

The scanned copies of your photos shall be treated with much care and shall be shared with great enthusiasm. We will post them with the Bombay Brides watermark to prevent stealing but shall urge readers to share them with their friends and family provided they attach the link to the shared images.

You can have a look at the weddings featured so far on Bombay Brides on the  Vintage Weddings page and read more about each wedding by clicking on each post. Please visit the Contact page and look for my address to submit a photo for this section via email.


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