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Bombay Brides publishes its own content – this includes text, photographs and any other media. Certain material may be acquired from other people. You are assured that it has been obtained from them with their permission.

Much of this material involves private celebrations. You are not allowed to use any content published on Bombay Brides without Reena’s express permission. Please contact her for this.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Only Christian weddings? Hmm… This sounds discriminatory.

Let us put it this way. There are umpteen sites on the internet devoted to curating weddings from other religious communities in Mumbai – none of which cater exclusively to Christian brides. Bombay Brides is all about weddings in the Christian community and seeks to remedy the lack of information available online about weddings in this minority community.

  • When you mean Christian do you mean only Roman Catholic?

Absolutely not. Bombay Brides is for Roman Catholics, Protestants and any other sect that comes under the umbrella term of Christianity. And it doesn’t matter if you are Goan, East Indian, Anglo-Indian, Mangalorean, or belong to any other community/state as long as you are Christian or have married a Christian, lived in Mumbai or call Mumbai home but live elsewhere or have planned your wedding in Mumbai.

  • What do you mean by Bombay? It’s so unfair that people from Bombay get to feature here!

When we say Bombay, we mean the Bombay of old. A term that used to include parts like Bassein, Old Bombay, etc. This means you could live in Vasai, Thane, Vashi, South Bombay, Kalyan, Nerul, Chunabhatti, Dadar, Belapur, Palghar, Bandra, or wherever in and around present day Mumbai and you would be eligible to feature as a Christian Bombay bride or a vendor out here.

As for the rest of India, we truly wish we could include Christian brides from all over India – but as well as doing this in our own time and with no remuneration for it, we do not have the resources to cover weddings in other Indian states. We’re truly sorry to disappoint you.

  • Are you having difficulty reading text and viewing photos?

This blog works best in an internet browser like Firefox or Chrome. It even looks good on an iPad or an Android tablet.

  • Do you have a really important query you need us to look into ASAP?

You can contact Reena via email instead of dropping a comment.

  • Are you wondering about who owns the photos on Bombay Brides?

Well, if they are photos that you have submitted for my use on this space, then you and Bombay Brides jointly own them – we just happen to have your permission to use them. We add a tiny watermark to prevent them from being stolen or used elsewhere.

  • What happens if you see other websites or print material using your photos without the watermark?

If your photograph has no watermark (yes, there are ways to remove it), then you can be assured that they have been obtained without our permission; i.e. stolen. We do not allow third parties to use photographs without the permission of the owner. Please get in touch with Reena immediately via email and we can figure out the strictest way to deal with such a situation.

  • Would you like to brag about featuring on Bombay Brides?

We know we would! We have been thinking about blog buttons you could feature on your blog/website (in case you own one) and trinkets like handbag buttons and the like. Drop us a line if you have any other ideas and we could have some fun with this!

  • Is a budget wedding making you wary about featuring here?

Let us assure you, budget brides are what we’re most interested in. So don’t fret too much about ‘unprofessional-looking’ photography or ‘regular’ settings and the like. Bombay Brides is all about brides who do everything they can to make their special day extraordinary.

  • What photos do we look for when featuring a bride or a wedding?

Visit the Wish to Feature Here? page to learn more.

  • Have we written about our own weddings?

Well, Reena’s the married one here but she has written about her wedding on her other blog Plan “M”. Go check it out!


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Header image: Hannah, a bride from South India, photographed by Bhagirathy Samudram Background: DinPattern's Aloha Turkey
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