Bombay Brides

Christian weddings in India's biggest city


East Indians – an ethnic Roman Catholic community native to Bombay. More information here.

Indyaal – The East Indian version of vindaloo

Sarpatel/sorpotel – A traditional, slightly oily stew-like preparation made of goat/pig offal

Foogyas – soft, deep-fried balls of flour with palm toddy used as a fermenting and raising agent. Here’s a photo of some foogyas being fried.

Moel – a traditional, sweet and spicy dish made using either duck, chicken or ray-fish.

Sannas – soft hand-bread made from steamed rice flour.

Pendals – the area decorated for a celebration assembled using bamboo poles, bright cloth curtains and a cloth ceiling.

Masala – depending on the context, could refer to either the mixture of spices used as a base for cooking a lot of traditional dishes or a type of fast-paced traditional, celebratory music, usually played by a brass band or traditional instruments.

Saado – The traditional red saree worn by a Mangalorean catholic bride woven from fine silk in the Banarasi (an elaborate, heavy and rich weaving style native to the town of Varanasi) style.

Mangalorean – A community of Konkani-speaking Roman Catholics from Mangalore in Karnataka, India.

Mangalsutra – The traditional Indian symbol of marriage – a pendant of gold strung in a chain made of gold and black beads.

Maama – Mother’s brother.

Chudo – Traditional, multi-coloured Mangalorean wedding bangle set.

Mehendi – Application of henna in intricate patterns, especially for festive occasions.

Opsun – The Mangalorean term for giving away the bride by her father or guardian.

Gajra – Flowers strung in short garlands to wear in the hair.

Aaboli – A delicate tubular, orange flower important among Indian catholics as auspicious for weddings and engagements. Here’s a photo of some aaboli flowers.

Syrian Christians – Christians belonging to the Indian Orthodox Church established in Kerala, tracing its origins and teachings to St. Thomas The Apostle’s arrival in Indian. More information can be found here.

Manthrakodi – The traditional, elaborately embroidered saree gifted by the groom to his bride in the Syrian Christian community. Sonam’s bridal feature speaks more about this custom.

Minnu – A token of married life symbolised by a gold banyan leaf pendant strung on threads from the manthrakodi and later a gold chain gifted by the groom to his bride in the Syrian Christian community. Sonam’s bridal feature speaks more about this custom.

Mundu – A traditional cotton garment coloured white or cream worn around the waist by men of South Indian descent.

Bandhini – Tie-dyed fabric art native to the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Charpoy – Old-fashioned, rural Indian cot usually fashioned from wood and coir.

Mojari – hand-crafted leather footwear common to South Asia. The more ornate versions are popular footwear for Indian men and women at weddings and traditional occasions.

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The Bombay Bride Community


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