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Christian Brides in India

When you mention an Indian bride, an image of a woman dressed in rich, colourful silks and hands covered in mehendi+ immediately springs to mind.

The section of Indian brides dressed in white satin/sarees and walking down an aisle, is also a part of the Indian bridal tradition. It is what Christian brides in India have done ever since the colonial days, ages after after Christianity came to India.

From my own wedding: Mangalsutra+ gifted by my in-laws, the gold cross and chain my parents gifted my husband, a pair of earrings gifted by an aunt, traditional green bangdi (bangles) and a set of gold bangdi, our wedding rings and my in-laws’ wedding album

Each year, thousands of Christian couples walk down the aisles in churches all over India – hundreds of relatives attending hour-long masses and gasping in wondrous unison when the bride makes her entrance.

An Indian Christian bride will traditionally wear a white gown, have bridesmaids and flower girls and carry a bouquet of silk flowers, wear a veil and exchange her vows with a groom rigged out in his best suit and boots, wearing a boutonniere and standing next to his best man. Christian weddings in India are very similar to the ones celebrated in the West – albeit surrounded by more fanfare, a guest-list extending to a thousand people or more wearing more gold than in a jewellery store.

The people and purpose behind Bombay Brides

I began Bombay Brides to document and share the rich cultural traditions, customs and of course, the wedding gowns peculiar to brides from the many Christian communities populating India, particularly Mumbai and the parishes surrounding it.

I am Reena Almeida. I was born in Vasai, spent my teenage years mostly in Mumbai and now reside in Australia. In my spare time, I love to research and write about the East Indians+ of Bombay, the community I belong to.

I manage this blog with help from my cousin sister, Lisa Rebello who divides her time between Vasai and Mumbai. Lisa has sensational taste, works in event management and is passionate about all things wedding. She is responsible for getting in touch with hard to find vendors – especially those without online contacts, boutiques and other information for Bombay Brides.

We hope to feature Christian brides on this space, the gowns, dresses and upon occasion, the sarees they wed in, their seamstresses, their inspirations, their communities, their preferences and their tips to other Indian Christian brides out there.

We invite you to get in touch with us to contribute in any way to Bombay Brides. If you are a first-time visitor, please take the time to read this page to understand this blog better.

Whether you have a vintage wedding to share or a modern one, whether you remember a wedding song long forgotten or a photo of a piece of jewellery that’s no longer worn, please feel free to email us.

Goans, Mangalorians, East Indians … We have a rich, glorious heritage and it’s about time we got around to documenting it all.


2 comments on “Christian Brides in India

  1. Vivek Vikani
    September 5, 2014

    Hi Reena. I read your blog and I loved it. I need a little help. A friend is coming from Gujarat and she needs a very nice christian wedding gown for her sisters wedding. Can you please suggest me the best place to get one.


  2. karishma kakaria
    June 30, 2015

    Hi Reena. Your bolgs are really help full and i loved it.I need a help.My cousion is coming down from pune and she needs a very pretty chtistan gown for her engagement ceremony.
    Can you suggest me few places in mumbai to get one…Thankz

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