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One cannot think of any aspect of a wedding more intrinsic to the occasion than the photography. Even videos come second to this preservation of choice moments from your special day. In fact, these days, fewer couples opt to video shoot their wedding. They prefer to utilise their money on skilled photographers who are dedicated to capturing warm candids and special details and present it all in beautiful albums that look like art pieces to be browsed through and remembered for a long time.

Nupur Nanal Card

Nupur Nanal of Pune is one such photographer. This talented woman held a highly successful exhibition of travel photographs in her hometown of Pune last month, with her friend and frequent partner in photography, Manasi Raautt.

Wedding Photographer ~ Nupur Nanal

Wedding Photographer ~ Nupur Nanal

A friend introduced me to Nupur Nanal and her incredible photographic skills at Mumbai’s first Comic Con (2011), where she clicked some stunning photos of me in my costume. I have followed her Facebook page Nupur Nanal Images, avidly ever since and find myself constantly awed by the sense of warmth and serenity her photos invoke.

Up until now, Nupur has been photographing Hindu weddings all over India and has earned considerable repute on the Pune bridal scene. After a month of passionately following the Christian weddings I shared on Bombay Brides, she got in touch with me about the possibility of a feature on her wedding photography brand.


You see, dear readers, what this incredibly talented photographer really wishes is to explore and experience a Christian wedding. Nupur’s enthusiasm shows through the email she wrote me explaining her style of photography and I instantly agreed to her proposition (I must mention here that I was on the brink of asking her to feature on Bombay Brides!).

I’m relaying excerpts from her email below as I would like y’all to know more about Nupur Nanal in her own voice and like me, you can experience for yourself the passion with which she treats her calling.

On her love for photography:

“I don’t photograph just weddings. I have always wanted to develop travel and documentary photo projects. Meeting and interacting with new people, understanding social issues and translating them into stories is what I love to do. It requires a certain skill set that goes beyond technicalities and develops over a period of time.


I love weddings because they are extremely fun and filled with positive energy. I need that to function, you know!  You observe people, interact and understand here too. Wedding photography fuels the other part of my photographer’s life.”

On her introduction to photography:

“I was always interested in imagery. When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a painter. Just out of school and after I entered college I did random internships. I procured a small point and shoot digital camera. I would go to slums, streets, parks  and photograph, and it gave me such joy. It was a space of my own. The images were kind of lame but even today I cannot match the insane, untainted joy I experienced after clicking an image back then.


I then began to assist photographers, gradually working for agencies and magazines and figuring out what exactly that I would be doing with photography. I am still figuring out.

I went to Greece to study digital and darkroom photography at an amazing school. What I found was so much more than just photography – brilliant teachers, perspectives, and more. In this process, all the people I met, shutters I clicked, the books I read, effortlessly worked to enhance my skill set.”

On her first wedding photography assignment:

“The first wedding I shot happened purely by chance. My good friend Rohit was getting married and as he loves being photographed I told him I’d do it. When he gave me the green light, I decided to put all my efforts into it. Not having shot any weddings before I frantically researched different techniques, styles and how I could do the best I could.


Rohit and his wife Swapnali were absolutely fun to work with. They were open to new ideas for the pre-wedding shoot and we all had an awesome time digging out ideas and taking pictures. By the end of it, I was more a part the whole family than just a photographer. The photos were an instant hit among their friends on Facebook and people from out of their friend circles and even acquaintances and strangers began to approach me with photography requests.

That’s how it all began. I still credit Rohit for my ‘wedding photography career’.”

On her keen interest in Christian weddings:

“I am half photographer and half romantic – a very ‘grew up on Disney movies’ kind of girl. The idea of a wedding in a church feels awe-inspiring to me and photographing a Christian wedding would be the perfect treat!


Although I haven’t shot any Christian weddings before, I am extremely professional with each of my photography assignments. I always have a detailed meeting with the bride and groom before the wedding to go through the different rituals and customs they follow and accordingly plan everything.

To prove how much I want to shoot a Christian wedding, I would like to offer 50% discount on the first 5 weddings that come to me through Bombay Brides! (Believe me, I am being very selfish here. I can just see those distinct visuals being framed though my viewfinder).”

On her dedication to wedding photography:

“I think a wedding makes you understand so much more than the rituals, you get to know a community and its people.

Whenever I take up a wedding assignment, I like to spend a lot of time in the preparation part of it. I ask all the questions I have before the wedding. I meet with the bride and groom; if possible even the family, so that we are all on the same page for the big day. This ensures an easy-going mood throughout the wedding which directly affects the photos. I try to be as invisible as I can during the occasion, allowing the bride and groom their uninterrupted space and myself ample opportunities to candidly capture the mood of that day.


I now operate under the brand ‘Weddings R Us’. I shoot with my photographer friend, Manasi Raautt. We photograph either as single photographer or as a pair, depending on the need. When operating together, we plan our roles before the wedding begins, decide which lenses to use during which part of the occasion and prepare our equipment.

A good rapport with the family is a priority for me. Because that always reflects in the images. I am quite sociable, so making the family members and the bridal couple comfortable comes naturally to me. I have found that a wide smile and a good sense of humor always take care of any situation.


The key to taking a great candid is to make the people in them less scared of the camera. I know it’s not something that happens instantly and my secret is to casually show a shot to the bride and groom where they look extremely good. Once they see it, they slowly ease up and allow themselves to let go, to get more comfortable. I have seen this happen on many occasions, without a single exception.

Trust me, everyone is photogenic.


Travelling to different parts of India to photograph weddings is the most amazing thing. I have travelled to cities like Aurangabad, Lucknow, Mumbai and Nagpur for weddings and each place has a different flavour. But essentially, all Indian weddings have something that’s exactly the same anywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint what precisely, but it could be the energy! I experience the same energy in all the weddings.”

So there you have it, Nupur Nanal’s views on the work she does and the dedication with which she does it. I do hope you find one of my favourite photographers wonderful enough to shoot your Bombay wedding. Who knows, you could be one of the lucky few to hire Nupur Nanal’s skills for a massive discount!

Go ahead, get in touch with Nupur by emailing her at if you’d like to have a chat with her about her wedding photography services. You can also visit her wedding photography Facebook page: Weddings R Us. Remember, the first five people to get in touch with her can avail of her marvellous offer!

Please read the Need Help Browsing page on this blog before you use the photos and information in this post. Do you provide essential bridal services to people in and around Mumbai? Have a look at the Wish to Feature Here page if you’d like Bombay Brides to feature you/your business!


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